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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Image Source : IMDB Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Harry Potter has forever been immortalised in the minds of everyone by JK Rowling. Be it Hermoine Granger, Harry Potter or Ron Weasley, these characters are still remebered today. Even after years since the release of the last film, people still shower love on Harry Potter films and books. Lets delve into details about the 3 best scenes from thef film. 

1. Introduction and Harry flying Buckbeak

When Buckbeak was introduced by Hagrid to the students in Hogwarts, it was mesmerising to see such a creature. From the awe at first sight to flying the buckbeak was purely a magical experience to witness on screen. 

2. The Marauders Map

The most fasciniating part of all the series which has been consistent is the Marauders Map. The iconic object in Harry Potter canon was first introduced. Twin brothers Fred and George pass the map to Harry since he didn’t have the permission to go to the Hosgmeade with his friends.

3. The Magic spell word Patronus

Of course who doesn’t know the famous Patronous charm known as Expecto Patronum. This spell is one of the most famous and powerful defensive charms used in the history of Harry Potter books. This charm is infact was used when Harry Potter had to disarm Voldemort in Deathy Hallows Part 2. Harry learns how to conjure one with the help of his professor Remus Lupin, and everything about this scene is magical.

Another one, last but not the least, one such visual was witnessed in London recently in which a massive replica of Harry Potter’s Aunt Marge Dursley was seen floating near the iconic Tower Bridge in the capital city of England. The beautiful presentation of the character at the venue reminded the people of a hilarious scene from ‘Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban’ in which she flew into the air and wasn’t able to be stopped by Vernon Dursley who held her hand initially attempting to bring her down and then let go of her and fell flat on the ground.

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