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7 Underrated songs of BTS that will make ARMYS stay in a loop – India TV


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Image Source : INSTAGRAM BTS

BTS, the Korean boy band has taken the world by storm over the years. The global sensation BTS is renowned not only for its captivating songs and flawless dance moves but also for holding a special place in the hearts of ARMYs. The members are busy with their respective activities and it will take a while they take time for them to take a break. Here are a few quotes of them that will inspire you daily. 

1. BTS Wings (Boy Meets Evil)

The deadly combination of J-Hope’s rap and dance will make ARMYs want to see the video more than once. The song is from the album Wings, which was released in 2016. 

2. BTS (ON) Kinetic Manifesto Film: Come Prima

The second single ON is all about their passion, sacrifice and fighting for their singing. This song is from the band’s fourth album Map of the Soul: 7. The song was released in February 2020. 

3.  BTS (Go Go)

This fun, quirky song is a parody of criticism of the materialism rife in society. The song is part of the album Love Yourself: Her and was released in 2017. 

4. BTS (Permission To Dance)

This R&B music is a fun track and is a stand-alone single song which was released in 2021. The interesting part is that the positive track also included sign language choreography. 

5. BTS (Anpanman)

This song is based on a Japanese cartoon character. The meaning behind the song is they will try to protect people. The song is part of the album Love Yourself: Tear and was released in 2018. 

6. BTS (Black Swan)

The meaning behind the song is facing the fear be it their music or performance. The song is part of the album Map of the Soul: 7. 

7. BTS (Airplane pt.2)

This song explains how the group have come so far in their career and hopefully, they will be able to travel the d through their music. 

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