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Ashwatthama to Devki, 5 takeaways from Prabhas, Deepika Padukone, Amitabh Bachchan’s Kalki 2898 AD trailer – India TV


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Kalki 2898 AD trailer
Image Source : KALKI 2898 AD’S INSTAGRAM 5 takeaways from Kalki 2898 AD trailer

The trailer of the film ‘Kalki 2898 AD’ produced by Vaijayanti Movies is not very amazing but it is successful in creating curiosity about the film. Do you know the story of Guru Dronacharya’s beheading in Mahabharata? Do you know why Arjuna let Ashwatthama go when he tied him up and brought him to Draupadi? Due to whose blessing Ashwatthama is still present on earth and what is the secret of the gem on his forehead being separated from his brain since birth? The trailer of Kalki 2898 AD has ignited several questions in the minds of its audience. Nag Ashwin’s ambitious project is finally gearing up for its release and now several theories related to the film are also garnering attention. Hence, we bring to you 5 takeaways from Kalki 2898 AD trailer. 

Kaashi: Thew first city of Kalki 2898 AD

As the name suggests, the film ‘Kalki 2898 AD’ tells the story of India in the year 2898. The trailer begins with the description of Kaashi. The first city of the world and also the last, watching the trailer which begins with such feelings makes one understand that air and water are going to vanish in the coming times and greenery will also become something that people will see only in their dreams. 

Ashwatthama’s only role is to protect Kalki

Ashwatthama is powerful but his aura is getting destroyed due to Draupadi’s curse. The gem on his forehead at the time of birth is also seen in the trailer and Amitabh Bachchan playing Ashwatthama also says, ‘I have been protecting it for six thousand years.’ Seems like it’s Kalki who’s arrival will bring a new era and Ashwatthama is responsible for protecting him. 

Deepika Padukone as Devki

Deepika Padukone is seen as a pregnant woman. The conversation between Ashwatthama and Deepika’s character indicates an expected incarnation on earth. Kamal Haasan is also seen whispering a mantra in his ear, ‘A new era is about to come!’ DP’s character resembles to Devki from the Hindu mythology. 

Prabhas aka Bhairava’s love for units

Prabhas has played the role of Bhairava ​​in the film ‘Kalki 2898 AD’. The time is that era when the public announcement of the reward on the heads of criminals has started (somewhat like the films of the John Wick series). The currency has become units instead of rupees. Also, did you know that according to Hindu mythology, Kalki’s fierce form is called Bhairva? 

Differentiation between rich and poor still exists 

A child says in the trailer that there is water above. And, a waterfall of water is also seen in a triangular shape floating in the sky. A gap between the rich and the poor is also seen in the trailer and the thread of communication through holograms, which was seen in the two-episode series ‘Bujji and Bhairava’ released on Prime Video, is also here. 

With the disclosure of the environment of the period of its story and all the main characters of the film, the film ‘Kalki 2898 AD’ has set the mood for the release of the film. This film is going to be released on June 27 in Telugu as well as Hindi, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam. The English version of the film is also being prepared. A glimpse of the film’s music is yet to be revealed and it is understood that the film’s music launch may take place a week before the film’s release.

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