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Delhi airport experiencing delays due to high temperature, says civil ministry official | India News


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NEW DELHI: Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi is experiencing flight delays due to high surface temperatures, affecting flight operations, an official of the civil aviation ministry said.
According to a senior official, safety guidelines are being followed, and flights are sometimes delayed or wait for the wind speed to settle down.
A senior official with a domestic airline explained that during high temperatures, the air becomes thin, which affects the lift required for aircraft to take off.The effects of hot air are most noticeable during takeoff and initial climb, and passengers may experience mid-air turbulence as a result.
“In extreme weather conditions like high temperatures and wind speeds, we proceed only after clearance from the Air Traffic Control, (ATC),” said the official.
Another alternative is to adjust operations by reducing fuel or baggage and, in some cases, removing passengers to help aircraft operate, the official added.
On June 17, an Indigo flight 6E 2521 between Delhi and Bagdogra was delayed due to high ground temperatures impeding operations.
Regarding frequent complaints of non-functioning air conditioning in aircraft, a senior official with a domestic airline stated that outside temperatures are so high that the air conditioning system of aircraft is unable to cool the aircraft on short-distance flights. However, while taxiing and idling on the runway, it could cause discomfort for passengers as the temperatures in the cabin can rise due to warm temperatures outside.
The national capital is currently facing scorching heatwaves and high temperatures, which have also led to water shortages in several areas. People are relying on water tankers to fulfill their daily requirements.
(With inputs from ANI agency)


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