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DNA Exclusive: Who Is India’s ‘Unknown Friend’ Behind The Elimination of Anti-India Operatives In Pakistan? | India News


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Retired Pakistani Brigadier Amir Hamza, involved in the 2018 Sunjuwan Army Camp attack in India, was shot dead by unknown assailants in Jhelum, Punjab. The attack, targeting him while he was with his wife and daughter, who were injured, has heightened alertness in Pakistan. This follows a series of eliminations of individuals linked to anti-India activities, including Lashkar-e-Taiba commander Khwaja Shahid. 

In today’s episode of DNA, Sourav Raj Jain analysed the patterns of similar eliminations of individuals who at times posed threat to India. 

He talked about India’s ‘unknown friend’, a term that has become synonymous with fear in Pakistan. For the past few months, every individual in Pakistan who has been involved in any conspiracy against India at any time is being eliminated. This includes those who orchestrated terrorist attacks or provided support for such attacks.

The Indian Army has been stationed at the border with a specific roar in recent years: “We will enter their homes and kill them.” Pakistan is terrified of this roar. While the Indian Army has not received any official signal from the government, their task is being carried out effortlessly by India’s unknown friend, who is infiltrating Pakistan and eliminating terrorists. 

Watch Full DNA Episode Here 

If India’s enemies are being killed on foreign soil, it raises the question of how India’s most wanted individuals are roaming freely in that country. This question should also be asked of Canada, whose reverence for anti-India Khalistanis is no longer hidden from anyone. 


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