Coronavirus (COVID-19)

World is in Quarantine !

The word “Quarantine” can be literary defined as “a process, mode or state of restricting the movement of people or animals to a place that has been exposed or potentially exposed to a contagious disease“.

The process of quarantine helps in avoiding the rapid spread of any contagious diseases and its adverse effects.

After the amid pandemic of corona virus also known as COVID-19 or Novel CORONA VIRUS more than 60% people in the entire world has gone into quarantine mode and self isolated themselves via social distancing. As since there is no such vaccine has been updated which can definitely cure the effects of virus, now we remember why it was said by scholars “PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE”.

Precautions : Prevention is better than cure

  • Since there is no vaccine is reported till now hence Covid-19 becomes much more deadlier because of its highly contagious & very quick communicable nature.
  • Avoid close contact with other people while keeping safe recommended distance of 6 feets.
  • During lockdown period maintain social distancing & avoid unnecessary exposure to outside world.
  • Always wear face mask, disposable gloves, cover your head while going outside to your workplace or any massive footfall place, still try to maintain social distancing.
  • Always sanitize your hands with alcohol based sanitizers or wash your hand with any soap at multiple required times in a day.
  • Always dispose of your clothes to wash immediately after stepping in your house wash your hands, face & hair with soap to avoid any possibility of carrying the virus with you.

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