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Heatwave grounds IndiGo flight delayed 4 hours due to high temperatures | India News


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As heatwaves scorch the country, flights are also feeling the heat. An IndiGo flight from Delhi to Bagdogra, on Monday, experienced a delay exceeding four hours due to a technical problem caused by unusually high ground temperatures.

According to officials at the Delhi airport, flight 6E 2521, initially scheduled to depart at 2.10 pm, eventually departed at 6.15 pm.

A Times of India report quoted an airport official as saying that all 165 passengers had boarded the flight but it encountered a technical issue due to elevated ground temperatures, leaving it stranded on the taxiway.

Unable to proceed, the aircraft was towed back to the parking bay for further inspection and repairs. Following the delay, the flight was able to depart from the Delhi Airport at 6.15 pm for Bagdogra.

In an official statement, IndiGo said, “IndiGo flight 6E 2521 between Delhi and Bagdogra was delayed due to high ground temperatures impeding operations. IndiGo prioritises passenger safety above all else and is taking steps to enable a prompt departure. Passengers are being provided with regular updates and we regret the inconvenience caused due to factors beyond the airline’s control.”

Delay leading to passenger concerns  

According to CNBC, passengers also voiced concerns about the air conditioning malfunctioning onboard, and one passenger experienced health deterioration due to a shortage of oxygen.

Passengers alleged on X (formerly Twitter) that the crew refused to share information about the delay. Some passengers indicated that their relatives were on the train involved in the accident near Darjeeling.

On Monday, a collision between a cargo train and a passenger train in West Bengal resulted in the deaths of at least nine people and left dozens injured.

Sabyasachi De, spokesperson for the Northeast Frontier Railway, confirmed that three of the deceased were railway personnel. Nearly 50 individuals were admitted to hospitals. According to De, the collision was caused by the cargo train’s driver, who ignored a signal.

Heatwave in Delhi

Delhi is currently facing an extended period of intense heat, as the capital continues to endure high temperatures. The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued several alerts highlighting the seriousness of the situation. A ‘red’ alert has been issued for Wednesday, forecasting temperatures to rise above 45 degrees Celsius.

According to the weather department, the heatwave is expected to continue until Wednesday, with a slight relief expected on Thursday and Friday. The city is expected to be under a ‘yellow’ alert on both Wednesday and Thursday, shifting to a ‘green’ alert by Friday and Saturday.

First Published: Jun 18 2024 | 4:33 PM IST


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