“HELP Karona” to Corona Virus (COVID-19) Pandemic Sufferers- A Truth You Must Know Very Early

The main objective of this initiative to help all those people who have been suffered due to pandemic of coronavirus (COVID-19) by different means. In India where is the population count is 1.35 billion (135 crores) as per data source of World Bank and United States Census Bureau updated till 2018, according to this we are the second most highly populated country in the world next to China who had updated figures in 2018 was 1.39 billion (139 crores). If we see the parities in economies of both nations: China’s GDP (2019) estimate is of $14.14 Trillions whereas India’s GDP (2019) estimate is of $2.94 Trillions showing approximate difference of 5 times in GDP of both nations.

In India approx. 5% are the income taxpayers out of the total population, it is that segment of population who plays the major role in running the Indian economy, it is that segment who has the purchasing capacity and decision making powers and capability. Majority of this segment of people are in involved in some kind of professional jobs and services against which they pay taxes to the Indian government. Please note here we are not discussing about the businesses who pays their taxes rather the individuals.
Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic the majority of this section have fear of their jobs layoff due to economic crisis worldwide, some companies has already started the same whereas some have starts deducting their salaries with a significant amount. If the layoffs and salary deductions continues poverty will increase and so will the crime. The main reason of laying offs & business closures is because the major part of part of Indian Economy is dependent on service sector & trading of foreign setups rather than the home produced goods.  

It is the duty of Indian Government towards their tax payers to look after them and help them from the revival of pandemic situation since the majority of this section includes the “Middle Class Society” who gets the income in white and compelled to pay the income tax to Indian government and to overcome this he start making investments in lazy or dead incomes such as life insurance policies, mutual funds, fixed deposits, property investments etc no matter how much are his expenses. To survive in this society a middle class family is compelled to make some certain decisions in life even if their pocket doesn’t allow due to which a vicious net of loans grabs them.  Middle class person is such a dumb egoistic and self esteemed he will choose to die in front of asking monetary help to his friends, relatives or society because he knows “There Is No Such Free Charity”.

Questions that must be answered and we must know reason behind.

  1. Why all rich people have donated to the central government and state government coronavirus pandemic relief fund raisers only ?
  2. Did the pandemic relief fund helped any one of you – the actual income taxpayers ?
  3. Did you get any free basic ration or monetary support from government ?
  4. Did you even get free masks & personal safety kit ?

Things that must have done and should do in order to fight against corona virus pandemic.

  1. Identify the main culprits of coronavirus pandemic at global level & file damage control fee against them.
  2. Quick support to new startups & emphasis on home production and it’s product expansion.
  3. EMI’s must be monitored so that its pressure must be controlled & simultaneously the number of defaulters must not increase.

Above mentioned are some of questions and suggestions and I know many more are there in within you, please come forward and support this initiative so that it’s voice must not go unheard.

The bitter truth that you must accept that post the novel coronavirus pandemic –“A Rich will survive and Poor can survive but the Middle class will suffer & at last with the only option to die.”  

Please fill the form and help us to know you better and identify that what can be the better way to support you and your family.