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Hilarious reason why Karan Aujla delayed sending Diljit Dosanjh`s `GOAT` song


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In the latest episode of The Great Indian Kapil Show, rappers Badshah, Divine, and Karan Aujla made an appearance. They kicked off the show with their specialty – rapping. After their introduction, host Kapil Sharma showcased his own rapping skills, and the three joined him.

In the conversation, rapper Karan Aujla shared that he wrote Diljit Dosanjh`s song in just 10 minutes. 

Karan Aujla on The Great Indian Kapil Show:

Kapil Sharma, being the fantastic host he is, praised the talent of the rappers. When talking about Karan Aujla, Kapil revealed, “Diljit paaji ka gaana hai G.O.A.T., wo inhone 10-minute mein likhkar de dia tha (Diljit paaji`s song G.O.A.T. was written by him in just 10 minutes).” 

Kapil then asked Karan, “Paaji, hum restaurant jaate hai, and humlog chaye mangwate hain, toh wo jaldi leke aate hain toh hume shaq hota hain. Usko bolte hain ki aur ubalo. Aapke saath bhi ayese huya tha? Diljit paa ji aapko gaana aur ubalne bola?”

(“If we go to the restaurant, we ask them to bring tea. If they serve it right away, we doubt whether the tea is boiled properly or not or is old. When you gave the song to Diljit paaji in 10 minutes, did he take it happily, or did he ask you to brew it more?”)

In response, the rapper gives an honest answer. He says, “Paa ji, maine likha toh tha 10 minute main, par unko bheja 1 ghante baad, taa ki usko lagey serious hain. (Brother, I wrote it in 10 minutes, but I sent it an hour later so that it seems serious to them).” This makes Badshah and the audience laugh out loud. Kapil praises him and says, “Kya kamal ke gaane banate ho, next level ho aap. (You make amazing songs, next level.)”

Diljit Dosanjh on The Tonight Show

Diljit Dosanjh has been capturing the world`s attention. Just when you thought the Punjabi singer couldn`t get any more popular, he announced that he will be making a special appearance on Jimmy Fallon`s `Tonight Show.` Our `Naina` will be fixed on the screen in anticipation.

On June 12, Diljit Dosanjh took to Instagram to announce that he will be making an appearance on Jimmy Fallon`s `Tonight Show`, a late-night talk show to dish about his upcoming project and being a heartthrob worldwide now! 



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