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International Tea Day 2024: Date, history, importance, and quotes | Lifestyle


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On May 21, the world observes International Tea Day. The day is devoted to recognising the contributions of the tea industry and promoting fair trade and investment in the area. This year, the event is set to be celebrated on Tuesday. International Tea Day includes giving recognition to tea and the people who work in the tea business. 

The most effective way to celebrate this day is by assisting with bringing issues to light in regards to the working conditions of workers in the tea business. This day is significant and everybody must take part in the exercises.

International Tea Day 2024: History 

The inaugural International Tea Day festivity occurred in 2005 in the key tea-producing countries like India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Kenya to focus on the situation of tea producers and the changing tea marketplace. 

Taking cognisance of the issue, in 2019, the UN officially announced May 21 as the International Tea Day. This demonstrates how significant the beverage is beyond its usual use, linking it to global financial stability and cultural history.

“The tea industry is a main source of income and export revenues for some of the poorest countries and, as a labour-intensive sector, provides jobs, especially in remote and economically disadvantaged areas,” says the United Nations.

What is the importance of International Tea Day? 

Tea is more than just a beverage. It has profound cultural significance all over the world. The British people consider the afternoon tea lifestyle as sacrosanct. In addition, the tea ceremony is a form of art and meditation in Japan. Tea has long been associated with harmony and insight in China. 

In India, tea is the most loved beverage across all age-groups and communities. It is not only the most consumed refreshment but additionally a significant part of relaxation time in the midst of work and occupied days. The production and processing of tea involves countless jobs, specifically in rural regions, and the trade supports countless families.

International Tea Day: Quotes 

    • ‘There is hope when there is tea.’ – Arthur Wing Pinero

    • ‘Some individuals will claim that a cup of tea has a lot of poetry and lovely feeling.’ – Ralph Waldo Emerson

    • ‘Like tea, we don’t really understand our own strength until we are submerged in hot water.’ – Sister Busche

    • ‘For the English, tea is just an indoor picnic.’ – Alice Walker

    • ‘Tea will always be the preferred beverage of the cerebral, despite being mocked by people who are inherently coarse in their anxious sensitivities.’ – Thomas de Quincey

    • ‘Thank God for tea! What would the world do without tea? How did it exist? I am glad I was not born before tea.’ – Sydney Smith.

First Published: May 21 2024 | 5:01 PM IST


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