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Maharashtrians in Sweden celebrate Gudi Padwa in traditional way


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On Sunday, April 14, the Maharashtrian Mandal (club) in Gothenburg, Sweden celebrated the Marathi new year–the festival of Gudi Padwa in a traditional way taking pride in the Marathi culture. The club organised cultural events including the Marathi folk dance, Lezim, musicals like traditional Marathi singing–Powada, praising historic personalities and many more. 

The Maharashtrian Mandal at Gothenburg, Sweden was formed a decade ago to preserve and propagate Marathi culture for future generations, said the statement issued by the club. “Since inception, the Mandal has been enthusiastically organising various cultural events during festivals like Makar Sankranti, Gudi Padwa, Mangala Gaur, Bhondla, Ashadi Ekadashi and Ganeshotsav, garnering immense participation and excitement,” it said. 

“The Mandal takes pride in introducing Lezim, a traditional folk dance form to Sweden for the first time during the Gudi Padwa celebrations. The highlight of the event was rendition of the Geet Ramayana, which was on the occasion of inauguration of Ram Temple in Ayodhya,” the statement added.

“Additionally, a young artist showcased the vibrant culture of Maharashtra through a brilliant rendition of the traditional Powada by singing priases of the great personalities. There were other performances showcasing the rich heritage of Marathi cinema, dance, music and theater from ancient times to the present.”

The festival of Gudi Padwa was celebrated on April 9 this year. According to the Hindu lunar calendar, it marks the start of a new year, usually around March or April. Traditionally, the celebration of Gudi Padwa begins with the placement of a `gudi` outside homes. A gudi is a bamboo or wooden pole covered with colourful cloth, garlands, and neem leaves, with a decorative pot or `kalash` on top. The gudi represents prosperity, success, and the triumph of good over evil.

The day is also known as Marathi New Year and is celebrated by Marathi community across the globe. One of the highlights of Gudi Padwa are the `Shobha Yatras`, where participants dress in traditional Maharashtrian attire parade through the streets, accompanied by music, dance, and performances that heighten the celebratory atmosphere. 

Gudi Padwa festival has immense cultural and religious significance for the people of Maharashtra, and people celebrate it with a variety of ceremonies and traditions. 



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