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Remembering Bhagat Singh: All you need to know about the freedom fighter


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Bhagat Singh was a freedom fighter who sacrificed his life in the battle for the independence of India from British rule. He inspired Indians with his grit and courage. The stories of his bravery and courage have inspired millions and will continue to do so for centuries.

He dedicated his life to the independence of India from the clutches of Britishers at a very young age. Today, the young generation draws inspiration from him and his devotion to the nation.  

Remembering Bhagat Singh: Here`s all you need to know about the freedom fighter

Bhagat Singh was born on September 28, 1907, in Banga village, now Faisalabad in Pakistan Punjab. He completed class 5 from his village school and later his father got him enrolled at the Dayanand Anglo Vedic (DAV) High School in Lahore. He was a bright student and won many laurels and awards.

– The revolutionary freedom fighter was a charismatic Indian socialist revolutionary whose two acts of dramatic violence against the British in India and execution at the age of 23 made him a folk hero of the Indian Independence movement.

– Bhagat Singh was a voracious reader and a brilliant writer. Despite being hanged at the tender age of 23, he had penned articles for newspapers. He used jail time to write pamphlets and `Why I Am An Atheist` — one among those which got smuggled out — is a best-seller to date

– In 1923, he joined National College in Lahore. Along with his leftist peers, he joined the Naujawan Bharat Sabha and subsequently got involved in a range of anarchist activities.

– In December 1928, Bhagat Singh and Shivaram Rajguru, fatally shot British police officer John Saunders in Lahore, British India, mistaking Saunders for the British police superintendent, James Scott, whom they had intended to assassinate to avenge the death of popular Indian nationalist leader Lala Lajpat Rai.

In April 1929, Bhagat Singh and Batukeshwar Dutt exploded two improvised bombs inside the Central Legislative Assembly in Delhi and showered leaflets from the gallery on the legislators below. They shouted slogans and allowed the authorities to arrest them.

– At the age of 23, Bhagat Singh was convicted and hanged in the Lahore jail along with Shivaram Hari, Rajguru and Sukhdev Thapar on March 23, 1931, because they refused to give in to the atrocities of the British rulers.


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