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SHOCKING! Woman Finds ‘Dead Mouse’ In Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup; Company Responds | Companies News


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New Delhi: In a shocking event, a woman made a disturbing discovery when she found what appeared to be a ‘dead mouse’ in a bottle of Hershey’s chocolate syrup. Prami Sridhar recorded a video of the incident. The company has responded to her post, sparking widespread attention and concern.

Prami described her “shocking discovery” in a Zepto order and urged everyone to be cautious. In her Instagram post, she wrote “shocking discovery in my Zepto order. This is for your kind notice to everyone to open your eyes.” Prami then opened the “sealed cap” and poured the syrup into a cup and discovered a dead mouse. A family member washed the object to confirm that it was indeed a dead mouse which left them both shocked.

“We ordered Hershey’s chocolate syrup from Zepto to eat with brownie cakes. We started with pouring with cakes, caught small hair continuously, decided to open. The opening was sealed and intact. We opened and poured in disposable glass, a thick and hard consistency of dead rat dropped down. By washing in running water for reconfirmation, it’s a dead rat (sic.),” Prami wrote in her post.

A few days ago, a similar incident occurred when Mumbai doctor Orlem Brandon Serrao’s casual Tuesday treat turned into a nightmare. He discovered a human finger in his ice cream cone, which he had ordered online from Yummo Ice Creams.

Hershey’s and Hershey’s India both responded to the post.



The video has garnered over 68,000 views, and here’s how users reacted:

One user wrote, “Since the past few days, I am just horrified seeing so many unhygienic practices that I have stopped using so many packaged products and started eating only healthy and non packaged products. I hope in future I can completely stop it. Our older generation lived a healthy life just because of it. Thank you for sharing.”

Another user wrote, “New fear unblocked.”

A third user said, “Make complaint to food safety department.”

“It’s the manufacturer’s problem. If the product came with its seal closed, Zepto is not responsible for this,” wrote a fourth user.

“You can sue them (Hershey) for this and report to food safety,” said a fifth user.


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