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Weekly Career Horoscope for June 17-23, 2024 | Astrology


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Aries: This week, it is necessary to prevent oneself from being overwhelmed by the desire to turn back and doubt one’s worth. Do not think about the past because it cannot be changed, and concentrate on the current situation. Candidates should not give up their search easily and should look for new opportunities and ways to connect with potential employers. Working professionals may also realise that the current tasks or positions demand more from them, but this is only a phase.

Read daily money and career horoscopes for all zodiac signs and know your fortune for today at Hindustan Times.(unsplash)
Read daily money and career horoscopes for all zodiac signs and know your fortune for today at Hindustan Times.(unsplash)

Taurus: Your assertion that you want to enhance your skills will be valuable in your current job this week. Discover how you can gain more knowledge and ponder how to contribute more to the team. Cooperation will be crucial in attaining the objectives and ensuring you have a good rapport with other employees. Watch out for financial problems, most especially in the early part of the week. Avoid wasteful expenditure.

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Gemini: This week, all those who are in search of a job or those who are already working in the marketing, advertising, and sales fields are going to have a great time. There are many opportunities for growth and targets to be achieved in the future, which will be productive and successful. If you are looking for a job, make sure to look for opportunities in these areas, as they may open up new doors for you.

Cancer: This week, the universe tells you to be wise regarding your financial responsibilities and obligations. Incoming gains may be significantly reduced over the next few days. Therefore, one should refrain from making purchases or lending money as it may lead to issues. However, you will find yourself in a position to be able to get freelance jobs or any other job vacancies. Be active and on the lookout for job opportunities.

Leo: There has not been much freedom to be as flexible and relaxed as one wishes. For this week’s assignment, take a side for yourself. If you are fed up with people setting the pace, it is time to change. Make sure that you know what you are contributing and what you are gaining from the deal. If you always give in, just tell the others that they also have to consider your input.

Virgo: The week is good for financial prospects. The discovery of new opportunities can make one spend recklessly, so remain moderate. You will also observe an increase in your investments, which means there are opportunities to book profits and invest again strategically. Stay on track; this period is a good one to focus on and can help you achieve financial stability and security. Networking will be important; therefore, linking up with people in your speciality will be important.

Libra: This is a good week to start something new. You may be assigned new tasks or encounter other individuals in your company that inspire you. It is time to run after your dreams with passion and vigour you never had before. Overcome any idea block and start with those you have been holding on to for a while. This is a good place for your initiative and creativity to be valued and compensated. Stay focused on the goal, and don’t hesitate to lead the pack.

Scorpio: Some of your career goals may feel too risky to disclose. It could be that you are afraid of being judged, or you do not feel worthy of the love that you are receiving. However, there is no benefit in keeping your goals to yourself as it only slows down your advancement. This week, shed those fears and convey your dreams to your peers and superiors at work. Staying in the background for too long hinders one from achieving their full potential.

Sagittarius: This is when you can perform well at your workplace. Focus on the accomplishment of measurable outcomes and your leadership experience. The days before midweek will be busy; therefore, the best thing to do is to maximise the time. But do not worry as the week unfolds because there could be some challenges. Do not try to control others and maintain a good relationship with them, especially in the workplace.

Capricorn: This week, you may find yourself in a position where you have to reassess your goals. It is easy to get carried away with high expectations, and therefore, it is important to be realistic in setting goals. Your energy and the capacity to crack jokes can help set a positive mood in the workplace and make your coworkers feel like they want to communicate and collaborate with you.

Aquarius: Learning new concepts this week will be instrumental in your planning. One should be open to ideas and debates as they might introduce new ideas to your field. Expect fluctuations because this can be a week of change and new opportunities in the workplace. Apply this energy to enhance your career and make the best out of the opportunities you are afforded in your venture. Stay upbeat and chase new growth opportunities.

Pisces: This week is good for promoting new work, but the opportunities are not looking for you; you must look for them. Promote yourself in your existing position, show your preparedness to take on more complex assignments, or present new concepts to your superiors. Create the foundation for what is expected to happen in the coming days. If you are trying to bargain for a better deal or for aiming at a target, then do it now.


Neeraj Dhankher

(Vedic Astrologer, Founder – Astro Zindagi)



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